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3 Ways To Beat Daylight Savings

  Stick To A Schedule

Many people find that sticking to a schedule may help your day run smoothly. Create a schedule for yourself to steer away from disruption. It’s also a good way to plan ahead and schedule a good night’s sleep.


2.  The Big 7

Getting your 7 hours of sleep is the most important thing when dealing with time change. Get a head start and plan to get your 7 hours of sleep a couple days before Daylight Savings hit. You’ll find it easier to manage your bedtime and be well rested!


3.  Shut It Down

Blue and white lights from screens before bed can ruin your sleep. The parts of our brains that react to light can't tell the difference between the bright light coming out of your phone or TV and the sun. Be sure to keep electronics away and off before your bedtime to get a better rest.

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