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Top 5 Plants For Your Bedroom to Help You Sleep


This exotic plant has a gentle, soothing effect on the body and mind. It has been shown in one study to reduce anxiety levels, leading to a greater quality of sleep.


Who doesn’t love the scent of lavender? It’s also probably the most well-known of all plants when it comes to in...

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Tips For A Good Summer Night’s Sleep

For some of us, the summer season means relaxation and going on vacations. The question is, how do we rest on these hot summer nights? Here are some strategies on how

Get some air
Air conditioners can be your best friend in hot temperatures. However, if you don’t have access to an AC, use a fan a...

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Pros and Cons On Different Sleeping Positions

Back Sleepers

Pros: Sleeping on your back has the best benefits for your back and neck. It also gives your mattress a chance to align with your back and support your spine

Cons: Instances of snoring are much more frequent when a person is sleeping in the supine position due to gravity forcing the ...

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Do you need a new Mattress?

How do you really tell when it’s time for a new mattress?  Don
t worry, I’m a mattress expert and can help guide you. 

According to the National Sleep Foundation, “the best way to tell if your mattress has seen its day is to evaluate your comfort and sleep quality.”  If you toss and turn in the ni...

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3 Ways To Beat Daylight Savings

  Stick To A Schedule

Many people find that sticking to a schedule may help your day run smoothly. Create a schedule for yourself to steer away from disruption. It’s also a good way to plan ahead and schedule a good night’s sleep.


2.  The Big 7

Getting your 7 hours of sleep is the most impo...

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Your Mattress is Important!

A mattress is perhaps the most important piece of furniture in your home. If you get the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night, you will spend at least 1/3 of your life on that mattress. Many of us don’t realize the impact our mattress has on our daily lives.
At Mattress 2.0 we are committed to ...
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Relax, the Holidays are over!

With the new year here, we are anxious to get our decorations put away and our houses cleaned from all the parties.

Let’s be real for a second, no one likes to clean, but tidying up your house and getting rid of your old mattress could be the best thing you do for this upcoming year.

After all, we...

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Sleepless Holidays

Holiday Blog Post
The Holidays are right around the corner and you know what that means?  End of year work deadlines, holiday parties, travel, family
……which all can mean less sleep! 

Rest easy, I’m here to help! Be sure you are ready for the Holidays with a mattress to make the most of the little sleep you do get.  ...

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It may be time for an upgrade

When was the last time you got a great night’s sleep?  If you have to think about it, it’s been way too long!  It could be time to upgrade your mattress.

Did you know a little more shut-eye during the night could help you lose weight, improve your memory and live longer?  At Mattress 2.0, we know h...

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Meet Aurora!

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Aurora, your personal mattress assistant.  I’m here to help guide you to a better night’s sleep.  Don’t worry I won’t beat around the bush, I am straight to the point and will help you find your perfect fit in no time.  Mattresses are my expertise, but I’m always ...

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